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8 Things I Couldn’t do Quarantine Without

These are the things that have shown up on my gratitude lists repeatedly during my ten weeks of Coronavirus quarantine. It’s a weird mix of stuff but I hope you’ll find something here to try that will lift your spirits and make the rest of your quarantine days more bearable!

*None of these are affiliate links and none of the items I list were given to me for free or any discount. This is just an opinion post with no ulterior agenda 🙂

1. Paraffin Bath for chapped, over-washed hands:

I got this paraffin wax bath for Mr Kern a few years ago because washing dishes was doing a number on his hands. It wasn’t long before the whole family started using it. This thing is amazing for soothing dry, chapped hands! I’m sure it would be great for feet and elbows and all sorts of dry skin, but we’re sticking with just hands since we share it. It’s an investment, but worth every penny after washing my hands non-stop in this pandemic.

2. Next 90 Day Challenge by Rachel Hollis:

There is absolutely no more enjoyable way to take care of yourself than with a fun and motivational leader (or two). And, oh wait… it’s FREE!! Rachel and Dave Hollis send out a personal development video lesson each week for 90 days, then broadcast a half hour Facebook morning show every weekday to keep you motivated and focused on drinking plenty of water, moving your body, writing some gratitude, waking up early to get that self-care time in, and blessing your body with good nutrition choices. I know I am staying on track to becoming my best self even through quarantine because of Next 90 Days. And did I mention it’s FREE??? There’s no reason to not sign up!

3. My Morning Routine:

I’m sure you’ve heard it a million times since Tuesday, but a morning routine is 100% necessary for a productive day. You already have a morning routine but if it’s about hitting the snooze button 3 times and then rushing through getting ready and yelling at the kids, your husband, and the dog then it needs a refresher.

I get up at least an hour before my kids do so that I have time to check my planner and enjoy my coffee while it’s hot and without interruption. This time of the day all to myself has kept me sane during these weeks when it seems like no one is ever alone. Like, ever.

4. Elicto Floor Cleaner

The only thing that I dislike more than a dirty floor is cleaning it. I have tried dry mops wet mops, and Swiffer type dealies and I find they don’t actually pick any dirt up and leave the floor sticky. I started using microfiber cloths and the floors came up beautifully clean with nothing more than water! … and two hours spent on my hands and knees. Not a viable option. I bought this Elicto electric floor cleaner out of desperation and have had no regrets! It gets my floors clean using nothing more than water and is just as fast as vacuuming. It’s been a lifesaver now that we’re home all the time and the floors get dirty every 5 seconds. Oh, and the kids think it’s fun so sometimes I’m not even the one who has to clean!!

5. Veggie Breakfast (Grains, Greens, and Beans)

Getting at least 3 servings of vegetables in my first meal of the day? Yes, please. And thank you! I make a big batch of this veggie mix every week so I have a healthy breakfast to heat up that is just as easy as pouring a bowl of cereal – just scoop a serving and heat. Works just as well for lunch or as a dinner side dish!

6. Sweet Loren’s Break and Bake Cookies

I have to start by saying that these cookies taste amazing or else you’ll never try them. I wouldn’t have tried them either if it wasn’t for a friend serving them at her house. See, they’re gluten free, nut free, dairy free, vegan, whole grain, non-GMO, kosher. Sounds like a whole lot of no good, but they’re super tasty! And if you have food allergies, celiac disease, or special dietary needs these are a great break from trying a zillion Pinterest recipes that end up a horrible disaster. Ask me how I know.

7. TNM Connection Zoom Meetings by This Naked Mind

I’ve chosen an alcohol free lifestyle for almost 3 years now. I’m sure it’s not a shock to you that maintaining this choice isn’t easy during a viral pandemic. If what they say is true and “connection is the antidote to addiction”, then quarantine is playing havoc in a lot of people’s lives. TNM Connection is a daily live video conference call facilitated by certified This Naked Mind coaches and it’s FREE for anyone that needs place to connect while they’re exploring an AF lifestyle. (That’s alcohol-free, not the other AF you’ve heard 😉 ) Whether you’re a few years into your journey or only recently finding yourself growing “sober curious”, it’s an amazing resource for information and connection.

8. Sweatin’ to the Oldies by Richard Simmons

I think I saved my favorite for last.

It’s crucial to our health and mindset to keep our bodies moving and quarantine has made it really difficult. Gyms and fitness centers closed, and even though I already had a solid at-home workout routine I found myself struggling to work up the motivation to stay on plan. I had to find something more enjoyable to get me moving and keep me going back for more so I dug out my Sweatin’ to the Oldies collection. It has great music and fun choreography so I also get a huge mood boost while I’m getting my exercise minutes in. I’ve actually been looking forward to starting my workouts karaoke dance parties!

*None of these are affiliate links and none of the items I list were given to me for free or any discount. This is just an opinion post with no ulterior agenda 🙂

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