How to Make Self Care Time Happen Every Day

The hottest topic around this year’s Mother’s Day among my mom friends is SELF CARE. There is this idea that Self Care has to be expensive and elaborate. And what I’m hearing is that moms are disappointed that they can’t go to their favorite salons, spas, and restaurants to feel pampered and relaxed because of quarantine.

Now, there is nothing wrong with a luxurious spa day. I’ve been missing my salon these past two months and my highlights and eyebrows are showing it! But the time and money it takes to feel pampered in that way just isn’t doable on the reg and Self Care is a daily requirement.

Yes. I said:



Especially for a mama that pours so much love and attention and energy into all the people around her.

Here is how to make sure it happens:

Find free and/or quick things you can do that make you feel like a million bucks.

Self Care doesn’t have to be a $80 manicure or a whole weekend away with your girlfriends. In fact, to fit it in every day it’ll have to be as short as 5 minutes sometimes. And cost Zero Dollars and Zero Cents. The few uninterrupted minutes a morning that I spend with my hot cup of coffee and my planner/journal feel like a luxury and set me up with a positive mindset before my hectic day of distance learning. One day a week I schedule a full hour where I don’t do any mom-work. That is: no cooking, cleaning, list making, etc. I wash my face, put on a cheap moisturizing face mask I got at Target, and I play Xbox LEGO games. You can pick anything else that lets you feel like you took a break from the world, but I do recommend something that takes your mind off your responsibilities without turning to an unhealthy coping mechanism for numbing.

Look for things you spend time on that you could cut out or cut down.

It’s there. When I started looking for time I could reclaim, I found I was scrolling Facebook for 10 minutes or so between chores a few times a day. It seemed harmless to take a minute here and there to check messages, but it was never just a minute and it was actually eroding my “me time”. And by the bazillion articles I’ve read on how to cut down on social media time, I’m guessing I’m not alone. Maybe yours is Facebook, too, or time spent watching a show that you don’t even really like that much. How I started becoming aware of those time wasters is by asking myself, “Would I rather do this thing or have time for Self Care? I was astonished at how many things I’d give up to take care of myself.

Create extra time in your day.

No, we can’t all be Beyonce with her 25 hours a day. But it could feel like you got an extra hour if you woke up earlier and got right out of bed. I’m not saying you need to wake up a whole hour earlier, necessarily. Maybe you just need to get up 15 minutes earlier and get to your morning routine without hitting snooze or scrolling your social feed in bed. I get up one hour before my kids need to be up so that I can fit in some Self Care with a yoga flow and that planner/journal time I mentioned before. I remember how hard it was to start setting the alarm a few minutes earlier and get out of bed without snoozing, I do. Dig deep for the resolve and try it for a week. Let me know what pros and cons you find you find about it!

Keep it a consistent time.

A good place to start is a small bit of time each morning for planner/journaling time and then a set time each week that is a little longer for doing something that brings you joy. The kind of joy that doesn’t involve the reward of doing something for others, you dig? Treat this like any other appointment you have on your calendar. Act and plan for it as if you’ll be out of the house and unavailable to your family just like you would for any other appointment. A reoccurring time means you won’t forget to make it happen regularly and your family will get used to expecting you to be unavailable at certain times.

There’s no better time than right now to start a habit of taking care of you! And I really am curious to hear what you find if you try any of these tactics. Let me know what you think and especially if something works for you! Enjoy your Mother’s Day ❤

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