Family Fun

Family Joy in Quarantine (Lego Batman Edition)

A few years ago a friend told me about a Christmastime family tradition of hers. She had a baby Jesus figurine from a small nativity that she would hide around the house each morning. At the dinner table she and her husband and kids would talk about how they found Jesus that day, both literally and figuratively. Cute idea and a great conversation starter! I can see how this would also fit right into the Easter holiday, or every day, really.  My family isn’t super religious in the traditional sense. Don’t get me wrong, we have a container full of baby Jesuses from that year when our oldest child was 2 or 3 and begged for every nativity we passed in the store! We also say grace before our dinner every night, even while we’re out. But we chose a different route for this game.

I love superheroes. I love Lego movies. When Lego Batman came on the scene, it was like the perfect combo. He cracks me up! So, when I found a Lego Batman on our last trip to Orlando, I knew I had to have him. He made the perfect object to tuck around our house and my kids had such a great time racing to be the first to find LB. He’s been all over and the joyful laugh or surprised shout of “I found Batman!” would lighten up even the worst mood. For some reason, we stopped playing the hide and seek game. Maybe we missed a few days of finding him or we had a family trip and forgot to pick it back up. But when I saw him last week, hanging on the door to the basement, a light bulb went off.

We’ve been stuck in the house a while now. 

Self quarantine, stay at home orders, kids figuring out online learning, our Corporate Office guy is now working from our den. Morale is low in the Kern household. Nerves are touchy. And I know it’s happening everywhere! Our crew was in desperate need of some bright spots in the day and I can tell by my news feed that a lot of you are looking for them too. I dusted my little Lego buddy off and sent him back out into active duty. May I suggest you dig around your kids’ toys to find a lego-dude? Don’t have little kids? You might still have something cute to hide around the house. I confess to having my own stash of Lego figurines (mostly superheroes), but you could use anything. A special rock, a tiny memento.  Get creative and tricky with your hiding spots. I promise, the random joy of finding a special object during the day is just what we need to lighten things up these days.

Can you spot our Lego Batman in any of these pictures?

Kidding! This one is just me playing dress up 😀

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