Bone Broth (Instant Pot recipe)

Homemade bone broth makes me feel like a superhero.

Or like the Pioneer Woman. Or a grandma that makes the best food. But I guess those are both superheroes too.

Its a super simple way to use bits that typically go in the trash to create a culinary staple that fortifies other recipes with amazing flavor and nutrition. Bones and veggie scraps I already have, but have no other use for, turn into a luscious liquid that home cooks, health nuts, and hipsters are paying top dollar for at specialty markets. Just add water and seasonings. It’s like Reduce, Reuse, Recycle at it’s best!

I made bone broth in a giant pot on the stovetop once. While it wasn’t unusable, it wasn’t the golden, silky broth I was looking for.

I used the slow cooker for a few years. It produced deep gold, flavorful, broth with all the gelatin goodness I was looking for! But it took f o r e v e r and every corner of the house, and all the things in it, smelled like warm meat overnight. And into the next day. Not ideal for me, but if you like it you can use the same ingredients I do in your crock pot and take your stock low and slow 🙂

Here’s how I do it in the instant pot, for gelatin-rich broth in a fraction of the time:

I drop my saved up chicken bones and veggie scraps in the bowl of my Instant Pot pressure cooker. As I prep foods for other recipes I keep the onion ends, carrot tips and stems, celery butts, and garlic scraps or cloves from the middle of the bulb that are too skimpy to bother peeling to chop. The bits are stored in a reusable silicone bag in my freezer along with whatever bones leftover from chicken dinners.

Yes, I have asked my family to save their bones after takeout pizza and wing night. I admit that’s a little crazy. But I trust my family and I cook the bajizzness out of these bones so I will continue to do it. I do usually just use the carcass from a home-rotisseried chicken – and no, I don’t ask guests to save their bones for me. I’m not that weird.


Next, I add seasonings. This is where you can let your own taste preferences take over. My go-to seasonings are about a teaspoon or two of peppercorns, a teaspoon or two of oregano and a couple bay leaves. If I know I’m making an Asian inspired dish with the broth I may add dried ginger or fresh lemongrass. If I’m going Italian, it could be dried basil. You get it. They get combined in a coffee filter and tied with bakers’ twine before nestled into the pot with the bones.

Fill ‘er up with filtered H2O. (A drizzle of vinegar is totally optional here. Some people think it aids in extracting maximum gelatin. I’ve done it both ways with equally great results.)

Lid it up and let it rip for two hours. I think I wasn’t fast enough to stop the timer from going to 121 minutes on this day. Instead of retaking a photo I decided to leave it in to show that we don’t need to get all hung up on perfection and measurements with bone broth.

An extra few minutes? Cool.

A little extra oregano? Delish.

Too much water? Well… just make sure you’re below the maximum level marked in your pressure cooker. We’re going for creative and free, not dangerous. Ha!

Strain your finished product! I like a strainer over a large bowl set up. See all that deep, dark, nutrient-rich, supple goodness?


It’s ready to use right away for recipes or to store in the freezer for later. I hear people like to drink bone broth for health. It’s not my thing. But you can certainly use this broth for anything you want to in your own house 😉

Note: Here’s a link to the glasses pictured above. They hold a little over two cups of broth and are freezer and dishwasher safe. Just remember to hand wash the lids and leave some headroom in the cups if you’re storing them in the freezer since the broth will need room to expand.

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